Code of Conduct

Hukilau Marketplace and Polynesian Cultural Center Code of Conduct

1. Parents and legal guardians are expected to be responsible for the behavior of minors in their care.
2. Clothing cannot exhibit lewd, obscene, vulgar or offensive language or images. Clothing likely to provoke a disturbance or involve other guests in open conflict is not permitted. Please wear shirts and footwear at all times. Bathing suits are not permitted.
3. Respect others. Do not yell, scream, use offensive language or gestures, engage in any conduct of a sexual nature, play electronic devices loudly or engage in any disruptive behavior that would upset, intimidate, offend or incite other guests. Do not engage in fights, use any form of physical force or intimidate other guests, regardless of intent.
4. Be honest in all behavior. This includes not stealing, cheating, knowingly giving false information, or being deceitful in any way.
5. Observe the hours of operation of Hukilau Marketplace, the PCC and its merchants and promptly leave at the close of business hours or as otherwise directed by management.
6. Respect the physical property of Hukilau Marketplace and the PCC. Do not litter, damage, deface or abuse buildings, artwork, landscapes or other structures or property.
7. Please do not pick the fruits or flowers. They are for the joy of all our guests.
8. No skateboards, rollerblades, Heelys or similar items within Hukilau Marketplace or PCC except in specially designated areas.
9. Do not smoke in public unless specified as a smoking area.
10. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Hukilau Marketplace or the PCC. Guests are not allowed to bring alcohol onto property.
11. Park only in designated areas. Unauthorized overnight parking or camping is not allowed.
12. Only service animals that are essential for personal safety and access are allowed.
13. Any person who fails to comply with the request of Hukilau Marketplace or PCC management or security personnel may be asked to leave the premises.