Chunky Cookies

Stunning handcrafted jewelry and artifacts

Dive into a global adventure with Pukana La Creations! Each handcrafted piece is a unique journey, capturing the essence of diverse cultures worldwide. Our jewelry tells compelling stories of craftsmanship, heritage, and style, inviting you to explore our carefully curated collection. It’s more than just jewelry; it’s a celebration of cultural richness, harmonizing global traditions into every exquisite treasure. Unearth the beauty and stories woven into each piece—a true reflection of the world’s finest artistry and creativity.

We offer curbside pickup and online ordering.


(808) 492 2187


55-370 Kamehameha Hwy,

Laie Hawaii 96762


Monday – Saturday

11 am – 8:30 pm

Closed Sundays & Wednesdays


White chocolate CoCo Mac Nut

a scrumptious fusion of creamy white chocolate and crunchy macadamia nuts, baked to perfection for a tasty treat!

Chocolate Chip w/ Walnuts

Enjoy the classic comfort of our Chocolate Chip Chunky Cookie with crunchy walnuts, delivering a perfect balance of sweetness and nutty richness

Chunky Pizookie

a warm, chunky cookie topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and drizzled with delicious caramel.


Experience the gooey delight of our S'mores Chunky Cookie, with rich chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker flavors in every bite

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel

a rich chocolate treat coated with a sugary crust and filled with gooey salted caramel, a perfect blend of sweet and salty goodness.

White Chocolate Raspberry

Delight in the decadence of our White Chocolate Raspberry Chunky Cookie, marrying the sweetness of white chocolate with bursts of tart raspberry for a truly divine treat.

Chowder Bowl with shrimp and Taro bread

Fresh Choices, Fresh Flavors: Check Out Our Latest Menu Updates at Pounders!

Corn Chowder Taro Bowl

$15 without shrimp    $19 with shrimp

Come try our new Creamy corn chowder with bacon, onion and potatoes, served in a homemade taro bread bowl, topped with four pieces of fresh garlic shrimp.


Uncover the artistry behind crafting exquisite Hawaiian jewelry. Dive into the intricate process, where tradition meets creativity, shaping timeless pieces inspired by the islands’ rich culture and natural beauty.”


Sandy Miranda@LocalGuide
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The Sunday with chocolate chip cookies were so good. We had the chance to meet the owner and he was very nice. Definitely recommend coming so delicious!! 😋
Myron Wittmer@LocalGuide
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Great cookies!😀 Tough decision to pick out which cookies you want. They have big cookies and little cookies. We got a box of 8 little cookies and couldn’t quit eating them. The chocolate chip was perfect, we loved the sweet and salty combo.
Aaron Barclay@LocalGuide
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Today was my first experience with Chunky cookies and they are amazing! Not just the cookies themselves, but the owners/founders too. They are such kind people. If you are in town or looking for something to satisfy the sweet tooth, this is your cookie ohana!


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