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Whether you’re preparing for a casual day at the beach, or simply want to infuse your wardrobe with the aloha spirit, Nonas store provides a curated selection of high-quality garments. Learn More >

Transform your space with Hapa Home – where quality meets allure! Unleash the spirit of Polynesia in every room with their unique and memorable home accents. Learn More >

Their store features unique island snacks and goods you won’t want to miss out on! From tiki souvenirs to keiki apparel and everything in between, you’ll find gifts to take home for everyone. Learn More >

Hawaii’s Original Pearl-In-The-Oyster. Original, authentic, and part of Hawai’i for more than thirty years. Learn More >

Chowder Bowl with shrimp and Taro bread

Fresh Choices, Fresh Flavors: Check Out Our Latest Menu Updates at Pounders!

Corn Chowder Taro Bowl

$15 without shrimp    $19 with shrimp

Come try our new Creamy corn chowder with bacon, onion and potatoes, served in a homemade taro bread bowl, topped with four pieces of fresh garlic shrimp.

Indulge in the exquisite beauty of Tahitian craftsmanship with their handcrafted pareos and jewelry. Each piece tells a unique story, blending tradition and artistry to adorn you with the vibrant spirit of Tahiti. Learn More >

Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of ancient Polynesian culture with them. Capture the essence of their vibrant traditions and bring home more than just art; bring home a living piece of history. Learn More >

Na Hoku, crowned as Hawaii’s best jewelry store, presents an exquisite array of treasures, from dazzling diamonds to coveted Tahitian black pearls, enhancing your innate beauty and confidence. Learn More >

Explore the world of Kap Tafiti, an artist and cultural expert who shares life’s love through vibrant art. Immerse yourself in his gallery, a testament to the rich cultural tapestry and spirit beautifully captured in each masterpiece.  Learn More >

Experience the world in every piece in their shop! Their handcrafted jewelry is a beautiful blend from diverse corners of the globe, telling tales of craftsmanship, heritage, and style. Learn More >


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