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Nona’s Tropical Threads

Aunty Nona Warner is a Hawaiian woman from an old-time Laie family who…see more

Goo’s Plantation Store

 A unique memory and an important part of our Laie community heritagesee more

Hapa Home

A home accent store that carries quality items tosee more

Kap Culture & Art Gallery

Known by all visitors to the Polynesian Cultural Center, as simply “Kap,” Kap Tafiti shares hissee more

Polynesian Wood Carving

Mana Feiloaki, who has honed his craft over many years, brings his…see more

Pearl Factory

The Pearl Factory shopping experience has always been associated with funsee more

Magic Memories

Professionally finished photographic prints that members of our photography team take..see more

Na Hoku

Na Hoku has been creating Hawaii’s finest jewelry since 1924. Their elegant shop…see more

Hukilau Salon

Life is not perfect, but your hairsee more

Tahitian Treasures

Native to Tahiti, Patricia Wilson brings her handcrafted Tahitian pareos andsee more

Pukana La Creations

Stop by Pukana La and discover all of their beautifulsee more

Amusement Ink

If you missed the free, non-permanent tattoos in the PCC villages...see more