Lunar Legends

Cruise their lagoon on a stand-up paddle board or kayak!

Join our exclusive behind-the-scenes adventure and traverse our beautiful grounds as the sun sets, immersing yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Polynesian culture. Glide through the mystical waters of our lagoon on a glow-in-the-dark stand-up paddleboard or kayak, casting a radiant glow on the shimmering reflections of paradise beneath you. This unique, after-hours experience promises an unforgettable blend of cultural exploration and outdoor excitement. Seize the opportunity to create luminous memories in the heart of Polynesia – reserve your spot now for a night of glow, culture, and adventure!


(808) 222-5427


55-370 Kamehameha Hwy,

Laie Hawaii 96762


Monday – Friday

6 am – 7 pm

Closed Sundays & Wednesdays

Chowder Bowl with shrimp and Taro bread

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Corn Chowder Taro Bowl

$15 without shrimp    $19 with shrimp

Come try our new Creamy corn chowder with bacon, onion and potatoes, served in a homemade taro bread bowl, topped with four pieces of fresh garlic shrimp.


Uncover the artistry behind crafting exquisite Hawaiian jewelry. Dive into the intricate process, where tradition meets creativity, shaping timeless pieces inspired by the islands’ rich culture and natural beauty.”


Christina Case@LocalGuide
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We had a wonderful time at Lunar Legends! Our guide Fatu was so knowledgeable, funny, and talented. We would stop and as he told us stories of each island and it felt like we were all sitting around a campfire. One of my favorite things to do in Oahu!
Makynzie Navarre@LocalGuide
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My husband and I booked this on a whim & we’re so glad we did! We had Pascal (I think that’s how you spell it) as our guide and he was wonderful. He made all of us feel like one big Ohana & even led us in a guided meditation where we laid on our boards and looked up at the night sky. The woven grass & flower crowns at the end were a bonus! Make sure you do bring a change of clothes & a towel because there are some waterfalls to go under & if you mess up you’re getting soaked!
Kenny Curfew@LocalGuide
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Fatu was fantastic, very personable and did a great job!! This was the highlight of not only our trip to the Cultural Center, but to Oahu in general. This is an activity that I would do again. Paddling under the stars and having the park to ourselves and being told stories or Maui and his adventures and the way they were delivered was amazing. Thank you, Lunar Legends of Polynesia!!


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