Ukulele Factory

The World's Finest Ukuleles, and Hawaii's top ukulele experience

The ‘Ukulele Experience shows guests how a rough piece of rare koa wood is transformed into melodies that touch people worldwide, taking them through the five stages of crafting an ‘ukulele – cultivating, milling, assembling, finishing and final assembly. Both guided and interactive digital tours are offered. They also feature a unique selection of Ukuleles for purchase inside the store


(808) 369-4171


55-370 Kamehameha Hwy,

Laie Hawaii 96762


Monday – Saturday

12:45 pm – 7:30 pm

Closed Sundays & Wednesdays


Kamaka tenor

The first ukulele makers in the world present their original Koa HF-3

Kanile'a Vintage

Kanile'a Vintage

Handcrafted with Koa wood an aged Ukulele with a pristine sound

Kanile'a Honu concert

Kanile'a Honu concert

Handcrafted Koa wood ukulele with Honu inlaid with Mother of pearl

Kala Striped Ebony Tenor

Kala Striped Ebony Tenor

Kala's striped ebony ukulele that creates an amazing sound for a mid range price

Kala Unity tenor

Kala Unity tenor

Kala's new Voyager series showing polynesian designs

Islander Concert

Islander Concert

Islander spalted maple concert creating beautiful intonation and music

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Ian Fife@LocalGuide
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Can’t say enough good things about the staff at Ukulele Experience. They were so friendly, accommodating, and helpful. They found out it was my wife’s birthday and most of the staff gathered together with ukuleles and drums to sing happy birthday. We asked them to do the same for my sister who’s birthday is next week so we could record and give her the song for her birthday and the staff were so accommodating. Also, a ukulele was one of the things I wanted to purchase while visiting Hawaii. Corey was so helpful and helped me find a ukulele that I was looking for and that fit my budget.
Gabriel Aviles@LocalGuide
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I had a great experience here. People ready very friendly and thoughtful! When mentioned that it was my daughter's birthday, all staff members came out, grabbed an instrument, and gave my daughter an instrument and sang happy birthday to her. Her smile made my heart melt. Oh yes, I bought a great sounding Kanile'a Ukulele.
Justin Li@LocalGuide
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Lovely showcase how of the ukuleles are assembled in side of the shop while dedicating the rest of the area to nice ukuleles you could pick up, try out, and purchase. Very vibrant atmosphere and friendly store assistants.


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