Hapas Sushi & Poke

Sushi with the highest quality local fresh fish

Hapa Sushi and Poke craft a delectable fusion of both worlds, offering an array of fresh, high-quality ingredients. Indulge in the artistry of their sushi rolls, expertly prepared with premium seafood and crisp, colorful vegetables. Or savor the tropical essence of their Hawaiian poke bowls, featuring marinated raw fish, vibrant toppings, and a symphony of bold, savory flavors. Whether you’re a sushi aficionado, a poke enthusiast, or simply seeking a delightful culinary experience, our food truck invites you to savor the best of both worlds, all in one bite.


 (808) 495 5956


55-370 Kamehameha Hwy,

Laie Hawaii 96762


Monday – Saturday

11 am – 7:30 pm

Closed Sundays & Wednesdays


Lilikoi Miso Roll

cucumber, avocado, salmon, lilikoi miso glaze, shichimi, torched

Green Dragon poke

Green Dragon poke

Unagi, cucumber, avocado, eel sauce, sesame seeds, lava crunch

Red Raider Roll

Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Ahi, Eel sauce, Tobiko, Sesame seeds

Ahi Tataki

7 slices seared Ahi Sashimi, Cabbage, Green Onions, Tobiko, House made Tataki Sauce

Cali Poke Bowl

Cali Poke Bowl

Half sashimi grade ahi poke, half lump crab, sweet onion, green onion, cucumber sea asparagus, spicy mayo, lava crunch, sushi rice, tobiko, cabbage, bubu arare, ocean salad

Original Poke Bowl

Original Poke Bowl

Half Sahimi grade Ahi Poke, Half lump crab. Sweet onion, green onion, cucumber, sea asparagus, spicy mayo, lava crunch, sushi rice, tobiko, cabbage, bubu arare, ocean salad

Chowder Bowl with shrimp and Taro bread

Fresh Choices, Fresh Flavors: Check Out Our Latest Menu Updates at Pounders!

Corn Chowder Taro Bowl

$15 without shrimp    $19 with shrimp

Come try our new Creamy corn chowder with bacon, onion and potatoes, served in a homemade taro bread bowl, topped with four pieces of fresh garlic shrimp.


Uncover the artistry behind crafting exquisite Hawaiian jewelry. Dive into the intricate process, where tradition meets creativity, shaping timeless pieces inspired by the islands’ rich culture and natural beauty.”


Ryan Simmons@LocalGuide
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I’ve tried a lot from this truck and my favorites are the green dragon roll, lilikoi miso roll, and the spicy crab poke bowl. Everything else I’ve tried has been very good, too. You can’t go wrong here!😁
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Sushi rolls and bowls are delicious, and I think the food track serves the best ones that I have ever had in my life. Also, Seafood used for them are fresh.
Mya Tauiliili@LocalGuide
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I had the delicious Kilauea Roll. It's spicy tuna with cucumber, ahi, lava crunch, house made aji pepper sauce, and tobiko. A fiery delight that left me craving for more!


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